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Leonardi Tattoo – Sacramento, CA

Leonardi Tattoo – Custom Tattoo Work!

About Us

Leonardi Tattoo has been providing specialized custom artistic tattoo design services. We stock only the highest quality Ink, Needles from well known manufactures you can trust. Our tattoo artists create custom artwork or they can bring your own sketches to life.

Our studio is a sanctuary of creative self-expression and we up hold a zero-attitude policy. Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious background or sexual orientation.

We blend old-school values with modern safety standards. Our tattoo artists are fully licensed and highly knowledgeable. Stop by or contact us with any questions.

Our shop hours are from Noon to 8pm Wednesday through Sunday and by appointment only on Monday and Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you!


Michaela Jones

These lady's are the kindest most humble artists/tattooists I've met to date. This shop is unlike any other. Their work speaks for itself, but when you REALLY like the person too. Well it just doesn't get any better. I am so excited to be working on my second/third MAJOR piece (almost over half of my entire thigh) with Ms. Alycia Harr. Every time I leave her shop I feel like I've just had a major therapy session - in a good way. Lighter, less anxious, happy... That's just her effect on people. That and she can make you fall in love with your own body...Both ladies are so talented, funny, calm, modest, just such insightful women. Thank you BOTH for providing the most enjoyable experience possible for anyone getting Tattooed. I would never go anywhere else. Period.

Michaela Jones

I have been going to Jennifer Leonardi at "Leonardi Tattoo" for about 14 years! She has done almost all my work!

Ronald Garcia Jr.


  • Jennifer Leonardi

    Jennifer Leonardi Loves what she does! Portfolio

    I did my first tattoo in 1993…I started out as the “shop girl” at Liberty Tattoo; I figured it would be a fun job until I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still haven’t figured it out…. I am very thankful for all that tattooing has allowed me to do, and for all of the amazing people I meet while doing something I love.


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Tattoo Aftercare

Aftercare Instructions

  • Always wash your hands prior to touching your tattoo. Remove bandage within a few hours & wash your tattoo with a mild soap &
    water (until the “slimey-ness” is gone).
  • Apply a thin layer of healing ointment (such as Aquaphor or A&D Ointment) a few times a day until your tattoo begins to peel.
  • After the tattoo begins to peel switch to a gentle lotion (such as Lubriderm or Aveeno) until your tattoo is healed and returns to its
    pre-tattooed condition.
  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.
  • Do not soak your tattoo. No swimming, spas or hot tubs until your tattoo is healed and returns to its pre-tattooed condition. Stay out of
    the sun & tanning beds. After your tattoo is healed use sunblock to keep your tattoo looking great.
  • Signs & symptoms of infection include severe redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks, and/or elevated
    temperature. Discharge from site or foul odor.
  • Contact the shop & seek medical care if signs of infection develop. 916~973~1016

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Welcome to Leonardi Tattoo! Please contact us below to setup an appointment or you just have a question. We are here to answer your questions!

Leonardi Tattoo

Address: 4544 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841/USA

Phone: (916) 973-1016

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